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Current Investment:

ICON keeps the same percentage at ACROW MISR Company with 30,016%. In addition to 100,000 shares in Naeem Holding Company. ICON has also increased its investments in other new projects which are:

New Continuous Sandwich Panel Line

The company started extensive studies in sandwich panel industry which is considered one of the main business lines at ICON. After extensive research in the new industry developments and trends the company decided to modernize the current manufacturing techniques with the purchase of a new continuous sandwich panel production line from Italy and which will expand the capacity four times. This is considered as a major step forward and an important milestone in the company history to acquire this latest technology. This will also position the company as a market leader in the industry and the pioneer in introducing high quality sandwich panel products to the Egyptian market and faster than its competitors who export their products from other countries and which will save hard currencies for our clients. It is expected to start the operation and production beginning of July 2015. The panels produced by the new line will be certified according to the European Standards and the new line will cater for market segments that ICON could not serve sufficiently with the old manufacturing technology. These markets will include refrigeration, power station, mega construction projects, etc. The company will also start focusing extensively on export to the Middle East and African Countries.


Slitting Line 

The new slitting line the company has purchased is aimed to make slitting of steel coils into different sizes so that the company can produce different sizes of steel pipes and purlins.  The steel pipes business line has been growing and with this new investment the company will be in a better position to serve its clients from speed, quality and cost perspectives.

 Storage Systems

The company has also started to offer storage systems based on the Know-How acquired from its daughter company ACROW. The company is now offering different systems including long span, pallet racking, mezzanine systems, lockers, etc. A manufacturing facility with all required machinery has been prepared to cater for different clients’ needs.