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Project Description

Pallet Racking

Classic storage solutions, until today the system is very common in the logistic field. One of the best benefits is the possibility to be used with most common forklifts. Flexible configurations, for different kinds of pallet, for different weights and dimensions,Different configurations are possible and adaptable over time. The pallet racking system allows the access to every pallet and very easy stock control. According to the forklift in use, aisles can be designed customized. The system could be also a high-bay storage solution, with different levels of automation, till stacker cranes.

Best advantages

  • Good Rotation of stock
  • 35-50% cubic Space Utilization

Drive-In Racking

Drive in system is the storage solution that combines huge numbers of pallets with high-density storage.

Depth pallet storage allows space increase, only few aisles are necessary. Goods are stored following the Li-Fo (Last-In, First-Out) mode. Although also the mode Fi-Fo (drive through) could be implemented. Patented guides are used to store pallets. Forklifts are driven inside the structure.

One of the common use is for seasonable goods storage.

Best advantages

  • 65 % Cubic Utilization
  • 30 % Accessibility of unit load
  • Limited stock rotation
  • Used for bulk goods of the same type

Shuttle system

The racking system is provided with deep lane with support guides for pallet, where shuttle runs.

Pallets are moved with forklift, they are positioned at the beginning of the lane and the shuttle provides to move them to the back in store position. Shuttle is relocated from one lane to another one by forklift. When pallets are selected for picking, shuttle provides to carry them to the front of the lane.

Both Li-Fo (Last In-First Out) and Fi-Fo (First In – First Out) are applicable.

Shuttle activity is done by remote control. A special remind is sent when shuttle battery is going down.

Best advantages

  • Stock under control.
  • Time-saving for handling.
  • Staff travel routes reduce a lot compared to classic pallet racking system.
  • This solution can be implemented also with automated handling system.

Pallet Live storage

Live storages for pallet are racking structures designed with roller conveyor lanes. Lanes have a slope that allows pallet sliding from loading aisle to picking position. Brake rollers guarantee perfect and safe pallet flow. Duly to massive storage and just two aisles.

Loading time decreases a lot, items are grouped together and ready for picking any time.

The system is useful for storing and picking, for goods with high and medium rotation frequency, respecting Fi-Fo organization. The system could be adapted also Li-Fo (last-In, First-Out) stock, in this case only one aisle is necessary.

Loading and picking are normally done by forklifts, but it is possible combine the system with stacker cranes or laser guided vehicles.

Best advantages

  • The system is considered a space-saving solution.
  • Operations time is reduced.
  • Productivity improves a lot.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking allows storage for bars, tubes, sheets, coils. It is possible create long shelves using drop on panels for arms, avoid uprights interruption. The system is useful for a multiple of purpose, light and heavy versions are available.

Best advantages

  • The best solution for non-slandered goods