Sandwich Panels


  • Packages are to be laid up on appropriate pallets or Polystyrene blocks.
  • Packages need to be secured by means of straps by the carrier.
  • Spacing blocks between


  • Packages are to be unloaded and stored on a suitable unloading vehicle and with adequate
  • Unloading with the aid of a lifting beam which is adjusted to the panel lenght and corresponds to common regulations and recommendations
  • Strap tools should be made of textile (Nylon) with a minimum width of 10 cm.
  • Supporting beams made from wood or plastic with smooth surfaces and support width are recommended.
  • There are 2 package bundles to be stacked on top of each other at most.
  • While stacking, supporting beams need to be placed parallel with the pallets/cardboards of the below-lying package


  • A minimum slant of 5% has to be guaranteed, to avoid backwater while storing outside.
  • Before laying the material, it needs to be protected against direct solar radiation.
  • A protective covering is necessary!
  • Underneath and on top of package bundles, solid spacers are to be inserted to rule out direct contact of straps with the package (pressure marks, deformations etc.)
  • The packages are not to touch the ground directly


  • The protective foil has to be removed before installation.
  • The protective foil should be removed after 1 month of material supply at the latest because otherwise it will be difficult to pull the foil off


  • The panels should only be cut with adequate tools, bought in specialized trade.
  • Angle grinding is prohibited as otherwise the zinc coating and color will be damaged!
  • Panels which must be installed, must be fixed directly in ready fixed and screwed panels step by step to guarantee a perfect compression of the longitudinal gasket


  • During installation on roofing, pay attention to damages caused by drilling chips! After screwing, the roof should immediately be cleanswept in order to avoid damages to the paintwork by footprints.
  • During installation, adequate protective clothing has to be worn (gloves, work boots etc.) ding to regulations.
  • The panels have to be secured against falling


Immediately after laying the building elements and before beginning with succession works (e.g. roof sealing works, outdoor facilities, installation of photovoltaic systems etc.), an acceptance or partial acceptance should be realized. At least there should be a mutual inspection with a subsequent protocol. Thus, disputes concerning the cause of complaints at a later date can be avoided, because often unreleased successsion works and their partly incorrect handling are reason for complaints!