LGS Building

LGS Prefabricated Buildings

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is an improved system of prefabricated construction that revolutionized the construction industry many years ago. It has been used globally as an attractive alternative to traditional prefabricated building systems.

Why LGS Prefabricated Buildings?


Unlimited Finishing Options.

   Lighter Material.

    Design Flexibility.

   Speed of Construction.

   Attractive Alternative to Traditional Prefabricated Construction.

   Less Waste & Eco-Friendly.


How We Build?

1. Design

2. Section Production.

3. Erection & Installation

4. Finishing.

Finishing Options


Residential Non-Residential Pods
Residential Buildings Schools Bathroom Pods
Apartments Hospitals Kitchen Pods
Villas Hotels Combined Pods
Office buildings
Worksite Accommodation