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What are our Sandwich Panels made of ?

Why Sandwich Panels ?

Advantages Of Sandwich Panels

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How Do We Fabricate Sandwich Panels ?

What are our Sandwich Panels made of ?

Sandwich panels are assembled roof and wall elements that have excellent insulating characteristics. This is possible thanks to the integration of the insulating material. They consist of two thin Steel Sheet Facings, which are shear-resistant and are bonded to one another on an insulated core. The insulated cores normally consist of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) making them fire resistant. Sandwich panels are manufactured through continuously running production processes. then cut to ordered lengths. The surfaces may be Fine Ribbed (linning, Microribbing, Tiangle) or high ribbed (5 ribs trapezoidal and 3 ribs trapezoidal) or even without any ribbing, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Why polyurethane Sandwich Panels?

Comparison of insulating material thickness providing the heat transfer coefficient value of 0.18 W/m2K

Sandwich panels give your building an attractive exterior look without compromising on energy-saving, sound insulation and fire safety. Icon’s sandwich panels are prefabricated or tailor-made building components that ensure high quality at an affordable cost.
A wide selection of profiles gives you the opportunity to design in complete accordance with your needs.
The panels are made of steel sheets with a high-insulation polyurethane core. We also provide sandwich panels with a fire-resistant core of Polyisocyanurate. You can use them in an entire wall or roof construction or other exposed places.


Do We Fabricate Sandwich Panel

To make sure that our customers receive top quality products, we start at the early beginnings by using high quality raw materials for the PPGI coils that conforms to the requirements of EN 10143.
Our stock holds about 2,000 metric tons of PPGI, covering common colors and thicknesses, ensuring product availability to our customers. However, we can deliver specialized PPGI with different colors and thicknesses for big projects.
We fabricate our panels using the latest technology. Our state of the continuous art production line extends up to 140 meters. The fabrication process accurately covers all fine details, hence delivering the fine quality product our factory promises.

Profiling Station

The first stage of the fabrication process starts with the insertion of two PPGI coils into the machines. One coil is inserted into the upper layer (internal facing) and another is inserted in the lower one (external facing). The machine then starts rolling each sheet according to the required profile. The external facing sheet only passes through the Corona Treatment Device to enhance adhesion properties when merged with liquid foam.

Overlapping Roof Panels

Removable paper tape is applied at the end of overlapped panels to facilitate removal of foam during installation work & to protect the panels during transportation.

Before the Profiling Process, a protective film is applied for both faces. This film protects the sheets from accidental scratches during handling and transportation. The protective film lasts long enough for the installation works to be completed on the site without any damage to the item. and has to be removed maximum one month after production.

If preferred by our customers, we can also produce panels where the External Facing sheet is steel and the Internal face is Foil or Kraft facing.

Foaming Station

To make the foam, chemical components for PUR or PIR are used and properly mixed. The mixing of these components occurs on the high pressure foaming and metering unit.

To ensure a steady production as regulated by the EN 14509 standards, we have a number of procedures that we maintain during production. parameters (Recipes, Pressure, production speed, Temperature, Etc.) Are all fully supervised by Our Quality Control team is responsible for taking several random samples during production.
This allows us to exclude any out of spec items as soon as they occur, hence maintaining the standards we go by. The continuous production process with the aid of the crossbar that injects liquid raw materials ensures that all spaces are covered with the exact quantity needed. This further ensures complete and equal density distribution over the panel’s length and width.

Double belt

The steel sheet moving inside the double belt machine, adjusted to the proper thickness together with the side blocks which gives the edge shape while applying constant pressure & heat to the upper & lower steel sheets foamed with polyurethane.

Thanks to the Double Belt Length (30 ML) we have High Production speed which allows making mass production up to 5,000 m2 for 40 mm. thickness profiles in one shift, that way we can ensure the delivery of huge capacities needed for big projects within their usually limited time frame.

Saw Station

Band Saw Cutting Machine allows the cutting of panels “on the fly” which gives more production and ensures no time waste.

Packing Station

The stacks are packed with stretch film instead of using plastic straps to avoid damaging the edges due to stress concentration. We also use Polystyrene blocks every 1.5 m to cushion the first panel in the stack and avoid any damage caused by handling and distribution.

Storage Yard

Handling is operated efficiently to avoid any damage.

Chemical Storage

Band Saw Cutting Machine allows the cutting of panels “on the fly” which gives more production and ensures no time waste.