Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance & Control

Raw materials

ICON’s MQA system “Materials Quality Assurance” has been implemented to ensure that all raw materials used in sandwich panel’s fabrication conform to the preset material specifications and that our suppliers are qualified to provide these materials with full compliance with that specification. Moreover, a restricted “Quality Control System” is well established and implemented to check all material parameters compliance upon arrival and before releasing to production.

  • Steel Thickness Measure.
  • Specific Gravity Measure.
  • PPGI Color Matching.
  • PPGI Coat Thickness Measure.

Quality Inspection takes place through our well-equipped laboratory and by qualified Quality Team that consequently impacted on the quality standard of our sandwich panel.

Mechanical properties

  • Tensile strength determined according to EN 1607.
  • Compressive strength determined according to EN 826.
  • Shear strength determined according to EN 14509.

Physical properties


According to the factory process control, polyurethane density is tested with respect to EN14509 standards.

Sandwich panel denisty
Foam Density 40(+2) kg/m3 EN1602

Physical properties

Dimensional Controls

ICON is controlling dimentional tolerances as prescribed in EN 14509 FPC.

Dimensional tolerances of icon sandwich panel
Lenght (+5) mm
Width (+2) mm
Thickness (+2)% (min.2mm)
Deviation from squarness max. 6mm
Deviation from straightness (max. 5mm)