Racking Systems

Long Span

Long Span system is medium-duty storage ideal for hand picking environments. The System can be enhanced vertically for space utilization as it can be expanded into a multi-tier installation. It is 100% selective.

The system is suitable for a wide range of industries; auto spare parts, electronics, pharmaceuticals, garments, foot wear, archiving and cosmetics, as well as office.


  • Dividers, side and back mesh cladding, and garment hanging rails.


Modular Mezzanines

It’s a Free-standing structure supported by columns and beams with series of walkways supported by shelving, enhanced air circulation and light penetration. It’s an excellent floor area utilization with perfect use of the vertical height (can be one, two or more tiers).

Easy integration of floor gratings, staircases, handrails, lifts, etc.Suitable for the storage exceeds 4.5 m height



Depending on their application, the cabinets can be customized to different requirements with different colors, compartments and locking systems : cylinder .



Used to store documents & merchandise in a dynamic & efficient way .


  • one single aisle is needed .
  • Space saving solution.